Steelstreet fuses energy, friendship and their passion for the ’50s and ’60s into a mix of close harmony and rock ‘n roll. These three musicians from Amsterdam are all multi-instrumentalists and their catchy tunes tell stories of life, love, and animals playing blues on a farm – all in the style of old school pop. The songs feature alternating lead vocalists and diverse instruments, which, together with requests from the audience, lead to a dynamic performance: from intimate acoustic to swinging rock ‘n roll.

House concerts, cafEs and festivals

Steelstreet loves vocal harmonies, inspired by great bands from the past, such as The Beatles, The Everly Brothers and The Beach Boys. With their double bass, acoustic guitars, harmonica, and three voices, Steelstreet can create a moving acoustic sound. These are the gigs in which their thoughtful lyrics, chord progressions, and intimate connection with the audience get a chance to shine.

Parties, festivals and pub-nights

Steelstreet can shake up a venue with up-tempo walking bass lines, raging harmonica solos and soulful vocals. Famous rock ‘n roll songs are alternated with Steelstreet originals, influenced by Elvis Presley, the Everly Brothers and the early Beatles. These are the gigs where Steelstreet’s cheerful energy, playful audience interaction, and steady rhythm section can be experienced best.